The Parish of Ockbrook & Borrowash
"Making Christian disciples, who love God, love one another, and live out God's love in the world"


The Parochial Church Council (PCC) are the elected leadership of our churches and takes the lead in carrying out the mission of the church – the whole church. Working alongside and supporting the clergy, pastoral care, telling the story of faith, social action and co-operation with churches of other denominations all fall within its remit.  In many ways it is the PCC that shapes the health of the church.

At the Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM) in April each year church members vote for those they wish to represent them from those who have been nominated to stand for various positions including Church Warden, Treasurer, Secretary and numerous lay members.  The PCC members serve on the council for 3 years and meet regularly throughout the year. 

Sub-Committees of the PCC meet as and when necessary, to carry out routine or continuing business between meetings:

  • Standing Committee:  the Vicar, two churchwardens, the treasurer
  • Finance Committee meets twice a year, with the Vicar, treasurer, churchwardens and two other PCC members.


The PCC has explored the nature and mission of the Church and together is committed to the following priorities:

  • to develop spirituality
  • to understand doctrine
  • to listen to and respect others
  • to encourage prayer
  • to raise our awareness of the social needs in the parish
  • to explore means of outreach to the wider community
  • to raise awareness of and support our chosen local, national and international charities & partners
  • to raise our income
  • to care for and maintain our buildings


These priorities will be achieved through a variety of objectives such as:

  • promoting a rule of life, based on daily prayer and the Eucharist
  • parish quiet days and retreats
  • a series of teaching sermons and study groups
  • listening to representatives of the wider community
  • seeking more opportunities to invite the wider community to church, such as special services throughout the year
  • good communication, raising the profile of the church in the life of the parish, such as participating in parish or civic events and supporting local initiatives
  • providing a warm, accepting, and non-judgemental faith community
  • inviting preachers from other churches within the local community and beyond
  • teaching about discipleship and stewardship

Deanery Synod Representatives

The Deanery Synod is part of the Synodical Government of the Church of England.  Representatives are elected to represent the Parish of Ockbrook & Borrowash at the twice-yearly Synod meetings.  The meetings are open to other church members wishing to attend.

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